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2/25/15, 6:55 PM 12/18/15, 7:33 AM

Deployment 1: Mooring was deployed ~10m shallower than planned.

Id: 719 By: lgarzio

11/10/15, 12:45 AM 12/18/15, 7:33 AM

Deployment 1: Controller failed on 11/10/2015. No recovered_host DOSTA and FLORT data expected for the remainder of the deployment.

Id: 751 By: lgarzio

12/1/16, 2:20 PM 12/3/17, 12:19 PM

Deployment 3: Mooring was deployed ~10m deeper than planned. Data were not transmitted via satellite telemetry. Due to adverse weather conditions, the bottom portion of the mooring has not yet been recovered (sensors: GS03FLMA-RIM01-02-CTDMOG048, GS03FLMA-RIM01-02-CTDMOH049, GS03FLMA-RIM01-02-CTDMOH050, GS03FLMA-RIM01-02-CTDMOH051). Recovery options pending.

Id: 378 By: lgarzio