Seafloor Multi-Function Node (MFN)

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12/14/14, 1:52 PM 12/29/14, 7:00 PM

Telemetered and recovered host data are unavailabe because of ground faults on the sealoor Multi-Function Node. All communications to the instruments were shut down.

Id: 315 By: leila

2/3/17, 1:05 AM 3/29/17, 10:00 PM

All seafloor Multi-Function Node (MFD35 and MFD37) instruments have ceased data telemetry because the seafloor multi-function node had a high voltage ground fault and has been shut down to protect the instruments. Instrument on battery power will continue to collect data.

Id: 332 By: leila

12/20/17, 4:00 AM 3/28/18, 12:56 PM

Deployment 7: Multi-Function Node failed.

Id: 334 By: leila
Flag: not_operational Exclude: No

Method: telemetered
6/12/18, 7:05 AM 10/28/18, 11:43 PM

Data telemetry disabled due to chronic issues with power generation and management. The instruments could be revived to send data via telemetry when sufficient power is available. Note: Instruments may continue to collect data on internal battery power.

Id: 1512 By: leila