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Method: telemetered
7/21/14, 2:10 PM 10/6/14, 8:00 PM

Telemetry was interrupted and no data are available via telemetry due to a time out error. The data files were too large to write and the system run out of time before it could get them through the inductive modem.

Id: 711 By: leila

12/6/14, 10:00 PM 4/30/15, 6:35 PM

The profiler is stuck at the bottom of its range.

Id: 712 By: leila

3/3/16, 5:40 AM 5/20/16, 8:09 AM

No telemetered data expected because communications were suspended after the battery was depleted.

Id: 233 By: leila

9/5/16, 5:05 AM 10/2/16, 7:59 AM

No telemetered data expected because communication were lost after the passge of tropical storm Hermine.

Id: 234 By: leila