Seafloor Multi-Function Node (MFN)

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8/11/16, 8:00 PM 9/26/16, 8:00 PM

The Power System Controller on CE07SHSM indicates the power connection to the MFN short-circuited on 2016-08-12 at 23:30 UTC. Failure is indicated by decreased voltage (70 VDC instead of 380 VDC) and increased current draw (1900 mA instead of 120 mA) to the CVT. This symptom is indicative of a short-circuit in the power lines of either the stretch hose (most likely) or EM Chain. In the past, this failure has been associated with a failed stretch hose. Have disabled all further power and communications with the MFN. This means no more telemetered data from: ADCPT2, VEL3D, CTDBP2 + DOSTA, PRESF, PCO2W, PHSEN2, OPTAA2, ZPLSC

Id: 917 By: michaesm
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12/1/17, 9:35 AM 3/25/18, 3:09 PM

Data loss due to a power system failure. The mooring stopped receiving power from photo voltaic panel 1 of 4 on Nov-2. By Nov-20, the mooring stopped receiving power from two more solar panels (PV2 & PV4) and one of two wind turbines (WT2). This indicates the Power System Controller (PSC) they connect to is failing. Mooring components will be shut down as the mooring loses the ability to recharge its batteries.

Id: 1237 By: crisien
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