Direct Covariance Flux

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FDCHP (Direct Covariance Flux)
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recovered_host fdchp_a_dcl_instrument_recovered Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
recovered_inst fdchp_a_instrument_recovered Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
telemetered fdchp_a_dcl_instrument Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
Deployment Cruise Start Date Stop Date Mooring Asset Node Asset Sensor Asset Latitude Longitude Deployment Depth Water Depth
1 Review AT-26-29 02/18/2015 12/27/2015 CGMGS-01SUMO-00001 CGINS-FDCHPA-43401 -54.4083 -89.3575 -5 4611
2 Review NBP-15-11 12/14/2015 12/12/2016 CGMGS-01SUMO-00002 CGINS-FDCHPA-44901 -54.4041 -89.2069 -5 4588
3 Review NBP16-10 11/25/2016 12/09/2018 CGMGS-01SUMO-00003 CGINS-FDCHPA-43401 -54.4076 -89.3567 -5 4612
4 Review DY096 12/04/2018 CGMGS-01SUMO-00004 CGINS-FDCHPA-74102 -54.4072 -89.206 -5 4589

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New Note

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
2/18/15, 4:06 PM 12/11/16, 7:00 PM

Deployments 1 and 2: Sonic temperature bugs: general slow response problem leading to errors of +/- 6 degrees from ambient, and an additional nonlinear error in the slow response when the ambient temperature is between -5 and 5 degrees. The fast response (> 1 Hz) of these sensors is still accurate. Therefore, flux measurements using the detrended temperature data should still be valid. w bug: positive vertical velocities w output by the anemometer need to be multiplied by 1.166; negative vertical velocities need to be multiplied by 1.289 (Redmine 11645)

Id: 75 By: lgarzio

Method: telemetered
Stream: fdchp_a_dcl_instrument
2/18/15, 4:06 PM

The telemetered FDCHP data contains an onboard processing error that makes the motion-corrected wind speed and flux data unusable. The instrument subject matter expert is being consulted, and the algorithms are under review. Only the processed, recovered data should be used. For further questions please email

Id: 1376 By: m.vardaro
Flag: fail Exclude: Yes

2/18/15, 4:06 PM 12/27/15, 6:20 AM

Deployment 1: Recovered_instrument data not available for this deployment.

Id: 631 By: lgarzio

12/13/15, 7:00 PM 12/11/16, 7:00 PM

Upon recovery of deployment 2, damage to some components of the surface buoy were noted (e.g., FDCHP was bent, the tops of the METBK-PRC and FleetBroadBand antenna were missing).

Id: 95 By: lgarzio

Method: recovered_inst
Stream: fdchp_a_instrument_recovered
12/14/15, 3:20 PM

There are errors in the calculations of the recovered_instrument L1 and L2 data products (motion-corrected wind speeds, sonic temperature, and flux data products). This issue is under investigation (Redmine 13402).

Id: 1395 By: lgarzio

12/14/15, 3:20 PM 12/12/16, 2:58 AM

Deployment 2: Instrument bent at recovery.

Id: 755 By: lgarzio

12/8/17, 7:00 PM

Deployment 3: Recovery of the mooring was planned during the NBP 17-09 cruise (Nov - Dec 2017) but not completed due to adverse weather conditions. Recovery options are pending. Instruments that are still operational are likely reaching (or have surpassed) their deployment lifespan.

Id: 834 By: lgarzio