Seawater pH (20 m)

Reference Designator
Start Depth
End Depth
Fixed on Inductive Wire
Current Status
PHSEN (Seawater pH)
Science Discipline
SAMI-pH- inductive
M2M Example
Method Data Stream Content Type
recovered_host phsen_abcdef_imodem_control_recovered Control Data Report M2M Engineering
recovered_host phsen_abcdef_imodem_instrument_recovered Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
recovered_host phsen_abcdef_imodem_metadata_recovered Metadata Report M2M Engineering
recovered_inst phsen_abcdef_instrument Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
recovered_inst phsen_abcdef_metadata Metadata Report M2M Engineering
telemetered phsen_abcdef_imodem_control Control Data Report M2M Engineering
telemetered phsen_abcdef_imodem_instrument Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
telemetered phsen_abcdef_imodem_metadata Metadata Report M2M Engineering
Deployment Cruise Start Date Stop Date Mooring Asset Node Asset Sensor Asset Latitude Longitude Deployment Depth Water Depth
1 Review KN-221-4 09/10/2014 08/22/2015 CGMGI-01SUMO-00001 CGINS-PHSENE-P0071 59.9337 -39.4738 20 2685
2 Review AT-30-01 08/15/2015 07/19/2016 CGMGI-01SUMO-00002 CGINS-PHSENE-P0138 59.9436 -39.5737 20 2668
3 Review AR-07-01 07/10/2016 08/14/2017 CGMGI-01SUMO-00003 CGINS-PHSENE-P0071 59.9341 -39.4673 20 2691
4 Review AR21 08/05/2017 06/14/2018 CGMGI-01SUMO-00004 CGINS-PHSENE-P0070 59.9462 -39.4737 20 2659
5 Review AR30-03 06/08/2018 CGMGI-01SUMO-00005 CGINS-PHSENE-P0171 59.9329 -39.4655 20 2693

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New Note

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
9/10/14, 2:50 PM 8/22/15, 7:00 AM

Deployment 1: At recovery, the copper shielding was missing and the instrument was broken into 2 pieces. The connector rods were gone and the connecting cable was severed. Recovered_instrument data not available.

Id: 623 By: lgarzio

2/14/15, 7:00 PM 8/21/15, 8:00 PM

Deployment 1: Status data sent from the buoy included leak detects in the buoy well, drop in battery voltage, and loss of wind turbine input. Upon recovery, the buoy was primarily intact but several instruments were damaged and/or missing. Ice build-up on the tower is speculated to be the cause for much of the damage. No telemetered or recovered_host data expected. Functional instruments could continue to collect data using internal battery power and storage cards.

Id: 46 By: lgarzio

1/26/16, 7:00 PM 7/18/16, 8:00 PM

Deployment 2: A period of violent weather caused power outages on multiple instruments. No telemetered or recovered_host data expected. Functional instruments could continue to collect data using internal battery power and storage cards. Upon recovery, the buoy well was flooded.

Id: 47 By: lgarzio

7/18/16, 8:06 AM 8/14/17, 5:33 AM

Deployment 3: Instrument stopped sending data via satellite telemetry, and was missing from the mooring upon recovery. No recovered_instrument data are available.

Id: 475 By: lgarzio
Flag: not_operational Exclude: No

12/26/16, 7:00 PM 4/6/17, 8:00 PM

Deployment 3: Wind turbines were disabled due to evidence of ice build-up on the surface buoy tower. The platform's battery charge state declined steadily. As of 2017-01-15, all DCLs were shut down and the telemetry schedule was reduced to conserve power. Battery-powered instruments should continue to collect data. UPDATE 2017-04-07: With increasing daylight at this location, sufficient power was generated by solar panels to re-establish limited high-bandwidth telemetry and data transmission. UPDATE: at recovery, wind turbines were missing their hubs and blades, and one solar panel was missing.

Id: 121 By: lgarzio

8/5/17, 2:17 PM 6/14/18, 4:02 AM

Deployment 4: at 10:03 UTC on 12 October 2017 the Irminger Sea Surface Mooring stopped all communications. At recovery, the surface buoy was missing. The subsurface portion of the mooring had fallen to the seafloor and was recovered. CTDMOs, CTDBP-F, DOSTA, and ADCP instrumentation were full ocean depth rated and survived, although any recovered data available after 2017-10-12T10:03:00 are suspect. All other instrumentation imploded or flooded. The cause for the loss of the buoy is inconclusive.

Id: 102 By: lgarzio