Reference Designator
Start Depth
End Depth
Near Surface Instrument Frame
Current Status
NUTNR (Nitrate)
Science Discipline
M2M Example
Method Data Stream Content Type
recovered_host nutnr_b_dcl_conc_instrument_recovered Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
recovered_host nutnr_b_dcl_conc_metadata_recovered Metadata Report M2M Engineering
recovered_host nutnr_b_dcl_dark_conc_instrument_recovered Dark Sample Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
recovered_inst nutnr_b_dark_instrument_recovered Dark Sample Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
recovered_inst nutnr_b_instrument_recovered Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
recovered_inst nutnr_b_metadata_recovered Metadata Report M2M Engineering
telemetered nutnr_b_dcl_conc_instrument Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
telemetered nutnr_b_dcl_conc_metadata Metadata Report M2M Engineering
telemetered nutnr_b_dcl_dark_conc_instrument Dark Sample Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
telemetered nutnr_b_dcl_full_instrument Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
Deployment Cruise Start Date Stop Date Mooring Asset Node Asset Sensor Asset Latitude Longitude Deployment Depth Water Depth
1 Review OC1503D 04/02/2015 09/22/2015 CGMCE-02SHSM-00001 CGINS-NUTNRB-00255 44.6383 -124.304 7 80
2 Review OC1510A 10/07/2015 05/16/2016 CGMCE-02SHSM-00002 CGINS-NUTNRB-00244 44.6354 -124.303 7 82
3 Review TN-342 05/17/2016 09/28/2016 CGMCE-02SHSM-00003 CGINS-NUTNRB-00289 44.6357 -124.304 7 80
4 Review AT37-03 09/26/2016 04/22/2017 CGMCE-02SHSM-00004 CGINS-NUTNRB-00288 44.6393 -124.304 7 80
5 Review SKQ201704S 04/20/2017 10/15/2017 CGMCE-02SHSM-00005 CGINS-NUTNRB-00287 44.6358 -124.304 7 81
6 Review SKQ201715S 10/10/2017 04/04/2018 CGMCE-02SHSM-00006 CGINS-NUTNRB-00243 44.6393 -124.304 7 80
7 Review SKQ201808S 04/03/2018 09/25/2018 CGMCE-02SHSM-00007 CGINS-NUTNRB-01127 44.6357 -124.304 7 80
8 Review SR1813 09/22/2018 CGMCE-02SHSM-00008 CGINS-NUTNRB-01167 44.6395 -124.301 7 80

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New Note

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
8/1/16, 8:00 PM 9/27/16, 8:00 PM

NUTNR has been showing light values equivalent to dark values (i.e. all zeros) since 2 August.

Id: 880 By: michaesm
Flag: not_operational Exclude: No

5/8/17, 8:00 PM 5/13/17, 8:00 PM

Communications with instruments on the NSIF for CE02SHSM are offline. Monitoring current draws to the NSIF shows a pattern of increased and expected current draws every 15 minutes, corresponding to the instrument sampling schedules. This suggests that the DCLs and attached instruments are still operating, but communications to the system are offline, reason unknown. Affected systems are: CPM2, DCL26: ADCPT, VELPT, PHSEN, uCSPP (acoustic modem communications), NUTNR, SPKIR, DCL27: OPTAA, FLORT, DOSTA, CTDBP. NSIF communicated starting again early on the 14th. Logs from NSIF systems indicate that the systems and instruments are still working, pointing to a communications issue between the NSIF and the surface buoy telemetry system.

Id: 865 By: michaesm
Flag: not_available Exclude: No

4/4/18, 8:30 AM

The Satlantic ISUS instrument has been discontinued, and all OOI ISUS units have been converted to the Sea-Bird SUNA model. A new data parser is in development, and any resulting data gaps will be filled once the parser has been delivered and the data are processed.

Id: 1409 By: lgarzio