Instrument Models

Class Series Name Make Model
CAMHD-A CAMHD A HD Digital Video Camera SubC 1Cam
HPIES-A HPIES A Horizontal Electric Field, Pressure and Inverted Echo Sounder Sanford, UW cabled HPIES
HYDGN-0 HYDGN 0 Hydrogen Sensor RKI Instruments M2A transmitters
THSPH-A THSPH A Hydrothermal Vent Fluid In-situ Chemistry Kang/Seyfried, U Minnesota Vent Chemistry Instrument (H2, H2S, pH)
RASFL-A RASFL A Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Interactive Sampler PMEL/Butterfield Modified McLane Remote Access Sampler
TRHPH-A TRHPH A Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Temperature and Resistivity Lilley, UW Vent Temperature & Resistivity
HYDLF-A HYDLF A Low Frequency Acoustic Receiver (Hydrophone) HTI 90-U
MASSP-A MASSP A Mass Spectrometer Girguis, Harvard cabled Mass Spec
ENG00-0 ENG00 0 Mobile Asset Controller Teledyne Webb G2 Slocum Gliders
NUTNR-A NUTNR A Nitrate Satlantic Deep SUNA
NUTNR-B NUTNR B Nitrate Satlantic ISUS
NUTNR-J NUTNR J Nitrate Satlantic SUNA V2
NUTNR-M NUTNR M Nitrate Satlantic SUNA V2
NUTNR-N NUTNR N Nitrate Satlantic Deep SUNA
OSMOI-A OSMOI A Osmosis-Based Water Sampler TLR, Inc. OsmoSampler
PPSDN-A PPSDN A Particulate DNA Sampler PMEL/Butterfield modified McLane Particulate Sampler
PCO2A-A PCO2A A pCO2 Air-Sea Pro-Oceanus pCO2-pro
PCO2W-A PCO2W A pCO2 Water Sunburst SAMI-pCO2
PCO2W-B PCO2W B pCO2 Water Sunburst SAMI-pCO2
PCO2W-C PCO2W C pCO2 Water Sunburst SAMI-pCO2 - inductive

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