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Instrument Series: MASSP-A

Instrument Name
Mass Spectrometer
Science Discipline
Class Description

The Mass Spectrometer measures concentrations of dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide that are critical to understanding volcanic, chemical, and biological processes in submarine environments.

Series Description
Girguis, Harvard
cabled Mass Spec

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Deployed Instruments

Reference Designator Site Name Node Name Instrument Name Start Depth End Depth
RS01SUM2-MJ01B-06-MASSPA101 Southern Hydrate Summit 2 Seafloor Medium-Power JBox (MJ01B) Mass Spectrometer 811 811
RS03INT1-MJ03C-06-MASSPA301 International District Vent Field 1 Medium-Power JBox (MJ03C) Mass Spectrometer 1,520 1,520