Instrument Classes

Class Name Primary Science Dicipline
CPMEN Platform Controller
DCLEN Data Concentrator Logger (DCL)
ENG00 Mobile Asset Controller
FLCDR CDOM Fluorometer
FLNTU 2-Wavelength Fluorometer
HYDGN Hydrogen Sensor
SIOEN Platform Controller
SPPEN Profiler Controller
STCEN Platform Controller
WFPEN Profiler Controller
CAMDS Digital Still Camera with Strobes Biological
CAMHD HD Digital Video Camera with Strobes Biological
FLORD 2-Wavelength Fluorometer Biological
FLORT 3-Wavelength Fluorometer Biological
OPTAA Absorption Spectrophotometer Biological
PARAD Photosynthetically Available Radiation Biological
PPSDN Particulate DNA Sampler Biological
ZPLSC Bio-acoustic Sonar (Coastal) Biological
ZPLSG Bio-acoustic Sonar (Global) Biological
DOFST Dissolved Oxygen Fast Response Chemical

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