Instrument Classes

Class Name Primary Science Dicipline
FLORD 2-Wavelength Fluorometer Biological
FLORT 3-Wavelength Fluorometer Biological
HPIES Horizontal Electric Field, Pressure and Inverted Echo Sounder Physical
HYDBB Broadband Acoustic Receiver (Hydrophone) Physical
HYDGN Hydrogen Sensor
HYDLF Low Frequency Broadband Acoustic Receiver (Hydrophone) on Seafloor Physical
MASSP Mass Spectrometer Chemical
METBK Bulk Meteorology Instrument Package Physical
MOPAK 3-Axis Motion Pack Physical
NUTNR Nitrate Chemical
OBSBB Broadband Ocean Bottom Seismometer Geological
OBSSP Short-Period Ocean Bottom Seismometer Geological
OPTAA Absorption Spectrophotometer Biological
OSMOI Osmosis-Based Water Sampler Chemical
PARAD Photosynthetically Available Radiation Biological
PCO2A pCO2 Air-Sea Chemical
PCO2W pCO2 Water Chemical
PHSEN Seawater pH Chemical
PPSDN Particulate DNA Sampler Biological
PRESF Seafloor Pressure Physical

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