Reference Designator Deployment Method Status Notes
CE01ISSM-RID16-04-VELPTA000 1 recovered_inst Available
GI05MOAS-PG528-05-NUTNRM000 1 recovered_host Available
CP01CNSM-RID26-06-PHSEND000 1 recovered_inst Available Data file suspicious
CP05MOAS-GL379-04-DOSTAM000 1 telemetered Available
CE06ISSM-SBD17-06-FLORTD000 1 recovered_inst Pending No parser exists for this data set
GP03FLMB-RIM01-02-CTDMOG066 1 recovered_inst Available
CE09OSSM-SBD12-04-PCO2AA000 1 recovered_inst Pending No driver for this recovered instrument
CE09OSSM-SBD12-05-WAVSSA000 1 telemetered Available
CE02SHSP-SP001-00-SPPENG000 1 recovered_cspp Available
GI01SUMO-SBC11-00-CPMENG000 1 telemetered Available
GA03FLMB-RIM01-02-CTDMOG062 1 recovered_inst Available 59
RS03AXPD-DP03A-02-VEL3DA303 1 recovered_wfp
CP05MOAS-GL339-00-ENG000000 1 recovered_host Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-05-PCO2WB000 1 recovered_host Available
GI05MOAS-PG528-06-PARADM000 1 recovered_host Available
CP01CNSM-RID26-07-NUTNRB000 1 recovered_host Not Expected Failed
CP05MOAS-GL379-05-PARADM000 1 telemetered Available
CE05MOAS-GL383-00-ENG000000 1 telemetered Available
CE06ISSM-MFD37-06-CAMDSA000 1 recovered_host Not Deployed Instrument was not deployed
GP03FLMB-RIM01-02-CTDMOG067 1 recovered_host Available Data assigned to refdes after ingestion with wildcard refdes.

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