Reference Designator Deployment Method Status Notes
CE01ISSM-MFD37-03-DOSTAD000 1 recovered_inst Available
CE01ISSM-MFD37-07-ZPLSCC000 1 recovered_host Not Deployed
CE01ISSM-RID16-00-DCLENG000 1 recovered_host Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-01-OPTAAD000 1 recovered_host Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-02-FLORTD000 1 recovered_host Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-03-CTDBPC000 1 recovered_host Not Expected No data in files due to DCL failure
CE01ISSM-RID16-03-CTDBPC000 1 recovered_inst Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-03-DOSTAD000 1 recovered_host Not Expected The data for the DOSTA is available in */dcl16/ctdbp1. No data in files due to DCL failure
CE01ISSM-RID16-03-DOSTAD000 1 recovered_inst Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-04-VELPTA000 1 recovered_host Not Expected No data in files due to DCL failure
CE01ISSM-RID16-04-VELPTA000 1 recovered_inst Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-05-PCO2WB000 1 recovered_host Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-05-PCO2WB000 1 recovered_inst Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-06-PHSEND000 1 recovered_host Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-06-PHSEND000 1 recovered_inst Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-07-NUTNRB000 1 recovered_host Available
CE01ISSM-RID16-07-NUTNRB000 1 recovered_inst Pending mi.dataset.driver.nutnr_b.nutnr_b_recovered_driver not parsing this data
CE01ISSM-RID16-08-SPKIRB000 1 recovered_host Available
CE01ISSM-SBC11-00-CPMENG000 1 recovered_host Available
CE01ISSM-SBD17-00-DCLENG000 1 recovered_host Available

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