Data Stream Report

Instrument Name
Single Point Velocity Meter
Reference Designator
Stream Type
Stream Content
Data Products
Uframe Route


Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
Method: streamed
Stream: velpt_velocity_data
10/7/14, 6:03 PM 7/30/17, 10:00 AM

Velocities are suspect due to noisy data during deployments 1 and 2. Ground faults possibly contributing to the noise. Transmit power was increased well above open ocean setting to mitigate the issue, but data remain suspect. For more information please contact Redmine 8648 and 8649.

Id: 1292 By: knuth
Flag: suspect Exclude: No


Id Parameter Display Name Standard Name Unit Fill Value Precision Identifier Type Level
PD7 time Time, UTC time seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD10 port_timestamp Port Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD11 driver_timestamp Driver Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD12 internal_timestamp Internal Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD16 preferred_timestamp Preferred Timestamp 1 empty
PD93 date_time_string Date and Time String 1 empty
PD433 error_code Error Code 1 0
PD434 analog1 Analog 1 1 0
PD439 status Status 1 0
PD441 velocity_beam1 Eastward Mean Point Seawater Velocity mm s-1 -9999 VELPTMN-VLE_L0 Unprocessed Data L0
PD442 velocity_beam2 Northward Mean Point Seawater Velocity mm s-1 -9999 VELPTMN-VLN_L0 Unprocessed Data L0
PD443 velocity_beam3 Upward Mean Point Seawater Velocity mm s-1 -9999 VELPTMN-VLU_L0 Unprocessed Data L0
PD444 amplitude_beam1 Amplitude, Beam 1 counts 0
PD445 amplitude_beam2 Amplitude, Beam 2 counts 0
PD446 amplitude_beam3 Amplitude, Beam 3 counts 0
PD863 ingestion_timestamp Ingestion Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999
PD3230 velpt_d_eastward_velocity Eastward Mean Point Seawater Velocity eastward_sea_water_velocity m s-1 -9999999 VELPTMN-VLE_L1 Science Data L1
PD3231 velpt_d_northward_velocity Northward Mean Point Seawater Velocity northward_sea_water_velocity m s-1 -9999999 VELPTMN-VLN_L1 Science Data L1
PD3232 velpt_d_upward_velocity Upward Mean Point Seawater Velocity upward_sea_water_velocity m s-1 -9999999 VELPTMN-VLU_L1 Science Data L1
PD3242 battery_voltage_dv Battery Voltage dV 0
PD3243 sound_speed_dms Speed of Sound dm s-1 0
PD3244 heading_decidegree Compass Heading deci-degrees -9999
PD3245 roll_decidegree Compass Roll platform_roll_angle deci-degrees -9999
PD3246 pitch_decidegree Compass Pitch platform_pitch_angle deci-degrees -9999
PD3247 temperature_centidegree Seawater Temperature sea_water_temperature 0.01 ÂșC -9999
PD3248 pressure_mbar Seawater Pressure sea_water_pressure 0.001 dbar -9999999 Science Data